About Us

OMN hosts a celebration of fashion with silk in its royal elegance for all occasions and seasons. We strive to present exquisite modern and traditional collections in 100% handloom based silk from all over India.Silk is a very soft and comfortable fabric to wear in any season.Even after many wash it does not loose its shine and shimmer.It is always been adored since the start of our civilization and considered to be the most royal and elegant fabric. We experiment with multitude variety of art ranging from our traditional block print, tie& die,batik ,hand print to latest technology based silk screen and digital print. Though playing with prints is our passion still we are equally enthusiastic to explore different kinds of hand embroidery specialized in different region from Bengal kantha stitch , Gujrati knots to Punjab phulkari or the latest computerized embroidery. OMN intends to promote exotic handloom weaves customize for modern times for the revival of silk as a fashion statement through our variety of product line which includes kaftans, tops , scarf, neck tie etc. We are focussing upon introducing handloom silk in day to day fashion wear in simple pattern and prints with an inexpensive price range , breaking the popular believe silk garment is for ceremony seasons or for the reaches wardrobe only. We are also promoting our products to overseas buyers to introduce Indian traditional textile art and craft with our own unique style and design concept. Beside all of it our commitments towards social responsibility compel us to encourage artisans and weavers who are the pillar of this trade which comes naturally with our endeavour to promote handloom industry by procuring raw materials directly from the weavers….
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